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Place of Origin: China                                                                                     Brand Name: XINCHENG

Product name: high voltage fiberglass telescopic link stick with length 3-12meters

Model Number: Triangle Hot Stick                                                              Type:  Insulation Sleeving

Usage: Suitable for high voltage isolating switch out operating.            Material: Light epoxy resin

Tube Material: Super Epoxy Non-alkali Fiberglass Fabric Tube

Application:  High Voltage Insulation Protection                                   Feature: Triangle Stick

Rated Voltage: 10-750Kv                                                                             Color:  Yellow

Length: 3-12m, or can made as per your requires                              Size: triangle tube Insulated

Certification: ASTM F 711 test report

Sample:  Available                                                                                     OEM: OK


Product Description

The Triangle Telescopic Hot sticks suitable for high voltage switch out operating. They are produced from epoxy resin, super light, high voltage, high strength. The length and sections can be made depending on your request.

Protecting the lineman during the works on live line is a very serious works, XINCHENG take the quality as the life of our company . So that we manage all the quality control very strictly and any of the hot stick must be done test before leaving our company.

The common workmanship hot stick in the market have big gap between very tube, which will lead to shaking when fully extended. And the hook is made from aluminum alloy. XINCHENG can produce the triangular hot stick with excellent workmanship. There is almost no gap between every tube. The hot stick will keep stable when fully extended. And the hook is made from aluminum alloy with high hardness property. We produce the triangular hot stick with excellent workmanship. There is almost no gap between every tube. The hot stick will keep stable when fully extended. And the hook is made from zinc magnesium alloy with high hardness property.

The triangular shaped hot sticks are designed to be used in high voltage isolating switch out operating, being one of the most used tools in hot line maintenance. It comprises a number of sticks that slide into each other with integrated locking buttons. They have a lot of advantages over round hot stick.

The hot sticks are manufactured with epoxy reinforced fiberglass tubes. It comprises a number of sticks that slide into each other with integrated locking buttons. They have a lot of advantages over round hot stick.

1.Easy to transport

2.High strength, more stable than round hot sticks

3.Resolves the rotating problems found in round hot sticks

4.It has solved the problem of unsteady operation over 10 meters

5.Any section can be replaced if it becomes damaged

6.Super light,Fiberglass Material

7.Usd for brake pull-rod

8.High voltage ,High strength.

  1. Transmission Line Stringing Equipment Accessories & Tools
  2. Epoxy Resin Fiberglass Telescopic Hot Stick
  3. Type:Retractable Or Interface
  4. Material: FRP epoxy resin

13.Lock type: Buckle type/Push button type

14.Surface:    Smooth and has no scratch



This fiberglass telescopic hot stick is suitable for high voltage switch out operating.

The Telescopic Hot Sticks come equipped with a universal spline end and hot stick probe. In addition, the Telescopic Hot Sticks come with the tip lock operational feature standard. The operator can simply lock the end section into second to last section if necessary to obtain maximum flexural/tensile strength from the extended stick to open/close stubborn equipment. Remember when utilizing the tip lock feature the operator will lose approximately 5 foot of extended reach.

The Telescopic Hot Stick is the newest generation of fiberglass hotstick to enter the electrical market. The stick has been engineered, so additional fiberglass has been added where the highest strength is required and removed where it is not required. The result is a telescopic stick able to withstand the rigors of line operations and still offer the utmost in lightweight for portablility. The outside surface texture provides a positive gripping surface even in wet conditions. All operating buttons are CNC machined from very high strength and water resistant engineered solid polymer rod to provide maximum mechanical strength


Triangle Shape Telescopic Hot Stick Advantage

  1. Triangle shape design keeps the sections aligned during extension and retraction.
  2. Push button release for stick extension and retraction.
  3. Telescopic design allows for easy assembly, storage and transportation.
  4. Universal end fitting accepts a wide variety of standard attachments.
  5. Easy-to-replace sections.
  6. Carrying bag included.
  7. Optional Height Measurement Marking
  8. Optional Polyurethane Foam Filled

9.Rubber Foot (or Plastic)

10.Triangle shape enables each section to lock in automatically no need to search for the button

11.Adjustable hot stick,Available in a variety of models and lengths, customizable

12.Good insulation performance, life safety; paint treatment, beautiful appearance

13.Easy to operate, flexible structure, high compressive strength

14.Adjustable angle, light weight and high mechanical strength

15.Simple construction, small footprint, environmental protection and no pollution



Advantage of our products:

1.Anti-moisture. Foam filled tube and ventilated bottom design.

2.Anit-slip . Holding part is roughness treated.

3.Convenience and flexible locking system.

4.Absorbing and anti-friction surface.

5.100% electrical performance tested.

6.Offer special design.

7.Most Attractive price.

  1. Top Raw Material

ECR (E-glass of Chemical Resistant) High strength Fiber

  1. Special Manufacture Process

Knitting Tech apply in pultrusion process to increase the bending and torsion strength.

  1. Smaller the deflection distance and light weight
  2. 100% electrical 100KV/300mm Tested
  3. Smooth surface and Tailor Made Marking

13.Trangle Shape & High Visibility

14.Easy Maintenance & reDesign Lock Buttons

15.Easy Disassembly & Ergonomic Design

16.New Base Cap & More versatile

17.Improved Universal Head

18.Universal head with hook: aluminum alloy in nature color

19.Tube : Top section: foam filled fiberglass tube in yellow, triangle type , easy to grasp ,Other sections: fiberglass tube in yellow

20.Handle: Insulation rubber in white

21.Bag: water-proof Nylon bag in orange/black


Telescopic High Voltage Operating Rod Stick, Fiberglass Hot Stick

  1. Applied Standard: IEC60855.

2.Voltage: Up to 750kV.

3.Length: up to 12M.

4.Max stage: 9 stages.

5.Color: safety yellow , orange or customer required color.

6.Environment temperature:-25℃~+55℃

7.Relative temperature:≤90%

  1. Usage occasion: no rain

9.Detection period: 1 year


sections 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
extended length(m) 3.82 5.1 6.42 7.78 9.18 10.62 12.09
retracted length(m) 1.48 1.53 1.58 1.63 1.68 1.73 1.78
weight(kg) 1.85 2.4 3.1 3.85 4.7 5.9 6.9
withstand voltage(kv) 10 66 110 220 350 500 750

Our fiberglass telescoping poles are low weight, easy to carry, high strength, small-volume and good surface finishing, corrosion resistant and excellent structural properties. And of course, they are cheaper than carbon fiber tubes. But the feature carbon fiber poles do not have is the attractive surface finish, this pole could be made in any color you want.


  1. More than 20 years manufacturing experience in electric power industry

2.Top quality products, ISO9001, ISO14001, KEMA, CNAS certificates

  1. Custom tailored products, OEM & ODM are welcome
  2. Challenging prices for giving customers the greatest benefits

5.Fast response time, we promise to reply customer’s email within 24 hours

6.Attractive lead times, plenty of equipments and workers to ensure the delivery on time

  1. Top skilled technicians
  2. Flexibility

XINCHENG have been sold to over 20 countries and regions, spread all over Asia, Africa, Middle & South America, Middle East and Europe, we also has done OEM service for some world famous brands

We look forward to a closer relationship and mutually beneficial cooperation with any prospective customers in the near future. XINCHENG will work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to satisfy your needs.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

suitable packing for export. Economic Packing design which will save your transportation cost.

1.Inside packing: Anti-moisture nylon bag + Carton box + woven belt.

2.Outside packing: carton box or wooden case and pallet.

3.According customer requirement.

Port: Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin

Lead Time : 7-15days

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