FRP portable ground earth rod set with earthing wire and clamp

Duck billed (crocodile billed) impact grounding wire (throwing type for iron towers)

As the name suggests, the drop type grounding wire is different from the rod type grounding wire we usually use. The drop type grounding wire does not have a grounding operating rod and is composed of a drop type grounding clamp, grounding soft copper wire, insulation rope, and grounding clamp. When in use, throw the electrical clamp from a high place and hang it on the conductive body. The drop type grounding clip is shaped like a crocodile or duck beak, hence it is also known as a crocodile clamp grounding wire or duck beak grounding wire. The drop type power clamp is usually directly connected to the iron tower, making it more convenient to use.

Plum blossom contacts grounding rod

Some matters needing attention in the design of electric contact. Take the plum blossom contact composed of spring clamp and milling petal contact finger as an example, aiming at the position where the contact finger clamps the spring; Install insulating mat at the rear end of the contact finger; The difference between the size of the inner circle of the milling finger and the outer circle of the single end and whether the milling finger can be used in disorder are analyzed, and the methods to reduce the contact resistance of the finger are proposed.

Special track grounding wire for electrified high-speed railway and subway

The role of conductor rail grounding wire is to prevent equipment and lines from suddenly coming on, eliminate the induced voltage, and discharge the residual charge as a temporary grounding device. The leakage current in the electrical equipment (the current that will threaten the personal safety of the operator) is discharged into the ground. The contact rail grounding wire is a kind of portable short circuit grounding wire, which is used for subway and railway track. It is composed of insulated operating rod, wiring clamp, wiring terminal and grounding flexible copper wire.

Semi-automatic gun type insulating grounding rod /operating rod

The grounding rod is composed of insulated operating rod and grounding clamp. The insulating operating rod is made of raw materials such as epoxy resin with excellent insulation performance, which can meet the high-voltage insulation requirements and ensure the safety of electrical maintenance personnel; There are many kinds of grounding wire clamps, which are mainly used for temporary grounding with high-voltage bus. According to the difference between the high voltage bus and the busbar or cable, the flat end grounding clamp or line grounding clamp shall be selected.

Insulating rod type straight pull electrician wire breaking pliers for live working

It is used to cut wires, especially for live working. It is an indispensable on-site operation tool for power rescue and power construction. The main body of the ratchet thread breaking shear is made of epoxy glass fiber. Light weight, high strength, excellent insulation performance. There are two kinds of cutter heads, hard cutter head and soft cutter head, which can be replaced. With hard wire cutter head, 388mm2 steel cored aluminum strand can be cut; Equipped with soft wire cutter head, it can cut 253mm2 copper wire and 507mm2 aluminum wire. The structure of the cutter head is designed with a ratchet wheel, which is light and convenient for operation, and the tangent section is flat. The small head is especially suitable for narrow operating space.

C-type live line cable cleaning brush

It is mainly composed of brush head and insulating operating rod. Capable of completing live line cleaning under different power environments. Not only can the cleaning work be carried out smoothly, but also can ensure the power supply and improve the work efficiency by keeping the line power off. In addition, safety helmets are also required for cleaning operations under non live working conditions. Prevent unnecessary injury to human body due to residual current of equipment.

Electric cleaning brush for live working insulator/Switch bushing/Zinc oxide arrester /Wall bushing

With the rapid development of production technology in the electric power industry, more and more electric power products are applied to electric power operations, which effectively reduces the work intensity of staff and ensures a safer working environment. The electric sweeping brush is one of them. The electric sweeping brush can sweep the porcelain bottle and insulator 5 meters above the ground. According to the shape of the brush head, it can also sweep the transformer, knife switch and lightning arrester.

Portable Personal Security Grounding wire Earthing Equipment

The personal security grounding wire is mainly used at the electrical operation site to avoid the harm of various induced voltages to operators. Type: Security wire can be divided into 3 phase type, 4 phase type and 5 phase type according to the number of phases used, and can be divided into short circuit type and short circuit grounding type according to the short circuit grounding type. The common specification of security line is 16 square meters.

Rain-Proof Fiberglass Electrical screw type Operating Rods /hot stick

Rain-Proof Fiberglass Electrical screw type Operating Rods /hot stick

Insulated operating pole is a unified term for the composition of insulating tools used in power system. It can be used for live operation, live maintenance and live maintenance. Insulated operating pole high voltage tie brake pole (also known as insulated operating pole, insulated pole, high voltage operating pole, commonly known as multi-purpose Link rod) can be divided into 10 KV, 35 KV, 110 KV, 220 KV, 330 KV, 500 KV ,750KV,1000KV according to the voltage level. It is an applicable product developed according to the needs of production, operation and maintenance of power system

Claw Type Grounding Wire of Central Cabinet

Claw Type Grounding Wire of Central Cabinet

Grounding wire in power system: it is an important thing to protect operators when voltage is unexpectedly displayed on equipment and lines that have been cut off. It is generally used for outdoor line and substation construction. Possible situations during maintenance: 1. Return current in the line 2. Electrostatic induction generated by nearby electrified bodies 3. Line electrification caused by incorrect switching on of the staff. At this time, the grounding wire connects the live line with the earth, and the travel is a closed loop to ensure the personal safety of the operator. Therefore, the grounding wire is also a safe return line.