G10 epoxy electrical insulation  Flange Insulation Bushing

Quick Details
Product name:3240 sheet, epoxy sheet, epoxy fiber glass sheet
Material:epoxy resin + glass fiber                                Type:Insulation Materials
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)                                    Brand Name:XINCHENG
Model Number: 3240 fiberglass mat                                 Type: fiberglass Insulation Sheet
Material: Fiberglass                                              Application: High Voltage insulation material
Rated Voltage: 10-1000 kv                                         Tensile Strength: 340MPa
Color: Yellow Black Green or according to customer’s requirm             Density: 2.08g/cm3
Thickness:0.2-2.08mm                                            Temp. Grade:: Class-F  155°C
Usage: B-Class Motor/Transformer                                   Certification: ISO9001:2000,ISO14001,UL,3C
Parallel bending strength: ≥33KJ/m3                                  Vertical electric strength: ≥9Kv
Parallel breakdown voltage: ≥35Kv                                   Dielectric loss factor: ≤0.4
Surface resistivity: ≥10 13Ω
Normal Size: 1020mmx 2040mm (40″ x 80″) or customized               Sample: Sample Avaliable

3240 Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet  are manufactured by modified phenolic
resin as binder and pure fiberglass as reinforcement. The have exceptionallygood heat resistance and will not creep under high temperature conditions.
Technical data
Flexural strength perpendicular to laminations: 340Mpa
Impact strength parallel to laminations: 33kj/m2
Dielectric strength perpendicular to laminations: 14.2 MV/m
Breakdown voltage: 35kv
Density: 1.8-2.08g/cm3
Thermal resistant: class F(155°c)

3240: Mechanical, electrical, electronic applications; high mechanical strength under moderate temperature, and good electrical properties under high humidity.

Technical data sheet

Order Item name Unit Test method Index
1 Density g/cm3 GB/T5130 section 8.1 (1.80-2.08)
2 Water absorption mg GB/T5130 section 8.2 Refer to table 2
3 Vertical layer direction bending strength MPa GB/T5130 section 5.1 >= 340
4 Vertical layer direction compression strength MPa GB/T5130 section 5.3 >= (350)
5 Tensile strength MPa GB/T5130 section 5.7 >= (300)
6 Compact strength (Simply strut-beam method) KJ/m3 GB/T5130 section 5.5.1 >= 33
7 Insulation resistance after water dipping Ω GB/T5130 section 6.3 >= 5.0 × 108
8 Mediate loss factor, 1MHz hour ____ GB/T5130 section 6.2 <= 0.04
9 Dielectric constant, 1MHz hour ____ GB/T5130 section 6.2 <= 5.5
10 Vertical layer direction electric strength at (90±2)ºC transformer oil KV/mm GB/T5130 section 6.1 Refer to table 3
11 Parallel layer direction striking voltage kV GB/T5130 section 6.1 >= 35


NO Item Unit Index value Remark
1 Vertical bending strength MPa ≥340
2 Parallel impact strength
(simply-supported beam method)
KJ/ ≥33 Either one meeting this requirement is acceptable.
3 Parallel impact strength
(cantilever beam method)
kJ/ ≥34
4 Vertical electric strength
(in oil of 90ºC±2ºC,1mm)
MV/m ≥14.2
5 Parallel breakdown voltage
(in oil of 90ºC±2ºC)
kV ≥35
       6 Dielectric constant
(below 48Hz-62Hz)
7 Dielectric constant
(below 1MHz)
8 Thermostability ºC 150
9 Oil resistivity in transformer oil 4h ºC 130
10 Tensile strength lengthways horizontal MPa ≥314
11 Adhesive strength N ≥5600
12 Dielectric dissipation factor
(below 48Hz-62Hz )
≤0.04 Either one meeting this requirement is acceptable.
13 Dielectric dissipation factor
(below 1MHz )
14 Density g/ cm3 (1.8-2.08)

Technic Index Data Sheet

Properties Unit Grade
Epoxy Glass Cloth Molded Rod
3840 3841 3841F
Flexural strength MPa 343 241 241
Tensile strength MPa 196
Compressive strength (Axial) MPa 241 241
Breakdown voltage
parallel to laminations
(in transformer oil)
kV 15
Insulation resistance
parallel to lamination
A: Under normal
conditions D-24/23:
Immersion in water
W 1.0×1010
–                   – –                   –
Density g/cm3 (1.70-1.90)
Water absorption rate
% 0.5 0.5
Flammability Class FV0
Color Natural Green Green
Reference standard Q/TXXFR004-2009

Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets
Product Description
EPGC201,EPGC202 board are from electrical alkali-free glass cloth with epoxy resin Baptist,formed by hot pressing,Products with high mechanical properties and electrical performance.
EPGC201 epoxy glass cloth laminate applied to B-class motors.electrical equipment for insulation of structural parts.
EPGC202 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets have flame-retardant requirements applicable to the B-class motors.electrical equipment for insulation of structural parts as other Purposes.

Product Description
EPGC203,EPGC204 plates are from 7628 glass cloth with epoxy resin Baptist,formed by hot pressing.Products with high mechanical properties.
EPGC203 epoxy glass cloth laminate applied to F-class motors,electrical equipment for insulation of structural parts.
EPGC204 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets have flame-retardant requirements applicable to the F-class motors,electrical equipment for insulation of structural parts.

Technical parameters

No Item Units Indicators
1 Density g/sqcm 1.7-1.9 1.7-1.9 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0
2 Vertical layer to the bending strength Vertical Mpa 340 340 340 340
Horizontal Mpa 250 250 170 170
3 Impact strength (simply supported
beam method,notched specimen)
KJ/sqm 37 37 34 34
4 Vertical Flammability Grade FV-0 FV-0
5 Adhesive strength N 6500 6500
6 Insulation Resistance Normal Ω
after 24h
7 Parallel to the layer high voltage ((90ºC+2ºC oil)) KV 35 35 5 5
8 Vertical layers to the electrical strength (90ºC+2ºC oil) 0.5-1mm MV/m 0 20 20 20
1.1-2mm 18 18 18 18
2.1-3mm 16 16 16 16

Q1: How about MOQ?
MOQ is according to different products. Whatever you need, we are glad to quote best price with good quality.
Q2: Can you send samples for testing?

500g Samples are free supplied, but express freight should be taken by client. After making order, we’d like to return freight back.
Q3: How can you guarantee the quality of mass goods is same as the sample sent to me before?We kept another same sample and marked on company when we sent to customer. So our production will be based on.
Q4: Which package do you use?
Package is important part to avoid goods breaking in transportation. We will choose suitable packing depend on materials.Q5: When customer respond quality issues after pick up goods, how to deal with?
1) Customer could supply photos of issued goods for our sales staff and then we’ll verify which part is wrong.
2) If the issue is confirmed, company will negotiate with customers and compensate in coming orders.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Wood case Wood pallet or according to customer requirments
Delivery Time: 10-20days after receiving the deposit