Characteristics & Applications :Thermal grade E,widely range of applications in mechanical and electrical field,for example: suitable for using as insulation structural parts of machinery and electric equipments,such as electric generators,motors,switch board ,etc.


Properties Unit 3026 3027 3028
Flexural strength perpendicular to lamination       ≥ MPa 110 90 100
Notch impact strength parallel to lamination charpy         ≥ KJ/m2 7.0 7.8 6.0
Bonding strength   ≥ N
Dielectric strength perpendicular to lamination  (in oil 90±2℃)  ≥ MV/m 0.82 5.1 6.3
Breakdowm voltage parallel to lamination (in oil 90±2℃)  ≥ KV 1 18 20
Relative dielectric coefficient   ≤ 5.5 5.5
Insulation resistance after impregnated in water  ≥ Ω 1×106 5×107 5×107
Water absorption 1mm   ≤ mg 206 136 136
Colour natural or black
Reference standard JB/T8149.2-2000
Characteristics & Applications 1、3027:Suitable for mechanical & electrical applications,
similar to NEMA’s CE grade.
2、3026:Primarily intend for mechanical applications,
similar to NEMA’s L grade.
3、3028:Suitable for mechanical & electrical applications,
similar to NEMA’s LE grade.

Normal Dimension:


1020mmx1220mm ; 1020mmx2040mm ; 1220mmx2470mm

Normal Thickness:  0.5mm to 50mm

Remark: You are warmly welcome to raise your special requirement, so as to make design and studies in special in order to produce more qualified new type laminated sheet.