Our FRP bolts made of E-glass fiber and epoxy resin, depends on different requirements, carbon fiber and vinyl ester resin also be available.
1.Use unique fiberglass -oriented method, it has excellent high strength, high durable and high corrosion-resist.
2.It’s surface without magnetism, no impurities be attached.
3.Light weight, it’s only 1/4 of carbon steel.
4.It can works well under the condition with different temperature.
5.The resin content of outer surface is higher (>95%), it has excellent corrosion resist property.
6.It’s has good electrical insulation and heat insulation.

FRP fasteners like FRP bolts, FRP studs, FRP nuts, FRP threaded rods, FRP bolts, etc. are being used for joining of Channels, Flats, etc. In chemical plants, fertilizer plants, off shore project, cooling towers, FRP fasteners are being used in joints instead of metallic or PVC fasteners. They are used wherein metallic fasteners are prohibited. These products are available in different dimensions as per the needs and specifications of different clients in various industries.
Standard sizes available :
Stud: M 6,8,10,12,16,20,24,25 mm
Nut: M 6,8,10,12,16,20 mm
Threaded Rod: M 6,8,10,12,16,20,25 mm
Also the above can be customized.

Epoxy laminated glass-fiber specification

 Heat Resistance B Standard Q/DJ10-731-2000
Density ≥1.65g/cm3
Hydroscopicity < 0.60 MPA
Volume Resistively Under normal ≥1.0×1010  Ω.cm
After immersion 24h ≥1.0×108Ω.cm
Insulation Resistance Under normal ≥1.0×1010Ω
After immersion 24h ≥1.0×107Ω
Proof Voltage at perpendicular to lamination
(transformer oil at 90±
degree  for 5 min)
MV/m ≥8
Heat stability (150 degree ,/24 H ) No crack or plump up

Fiberglass / FRP/ GRP bolts and nuts using high-strength fiberglass impregnated epoxy resin matrix at high temperature pultrusion. After CNC process, grinding, special surface treatment made of insulated bolts and nuts.

Bolts and nuts have a special treatment by the surface, so that the bolts and nuts have good flexibility, excellent wear resistance, excellent resistance to voltage performance. Products applicable to transformers, reactors, special high-voltage converter valve, and other special high-voltage electrical appliances.

 Very low temperature condition refrigeration equipments, liquid gas equipment
Electrical insulation condition Transformer, electrical panels, signal device etc
Corrosion resist condition Absorption tower, chemical pipe, water treatment equipment, desulfurization tower etc
Non-magnetic condition Computer parts, robot parts, fuel battery etc
Light weight condition Auto parts, aerospace parts, ship parts etc


Technical parameter:
No. Technical specification Unit Specification value
1 Density(at 20ºC±2ºC) g/cm3 ≥2.2
2 Water absorption rate (at 20ºC±2ºC,24h) % ≤0.05
3 Tensile strength Mpa ≥1200
4 Bending strength Mpa ≥960
5 Dye penetrated test Min ≥15
6 Water diffusion test
(1%NaCl,Boiling for 100h 12kv/1min)
mA ≤0.1
7 Shearing strength along laminas Mpa ≥50
8 Volume resistivity  (140ºC,96h) Ω.M ≥1010
9 DC withstand voltage (10mm) Kv ≥50
10 Lighting surge withstand voltage (100kv,10mm) Times ≥5
11 Bending strength at heating conditions Mpa/150ºC ≥350
12 Torsion strength Mpa ≥800