High strength anti-corrosion FRP epoxy insulation bolt and nut

High tensile epoxy resin composite fiberglass / FRP hex nuts frp bolts

Quick Details

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)                                    Brand Name: XINCHENG

Product name: High strength insulation FRP screw and nut                Application: High Voltage

Surface Treatment: Smooth or process according to requirement          Technique: Pultrusion and machined

Dimensions: 2mm-100mm and Customizable                           Material: fiberglass, epoxy resin

Raw material: polyester resin, epoxy resin, fiberglass                      Model Number: M3-M64 and Customizable

Type: Hexagon head, Round head, Square or Customized                  Standard: IEC61109

Bending strength: ≥960 Mpa                                         Bending strength at heating conditions: ≥350

Torsion strength: ≥800 Mpa                                          Length: Customized Length

Certificate: ISO9001                                                Color: light green or Customized Colors

Density:: 1.2-2.0 g/cm3                                             Tensile Strength: 10.4Mpa

Temperature: 120℃-180℃                                          The insulation grade: H class

Rated Voltage: 25KV                                              Usage: Insulation Protection and fasten

Size: Customized Size                                              Certification: ISO9001:2008,ROHS, SGS

High tensile epoxy resin composite fiberglass / FRP hex nuts frp bolts

Our FRP bolts made of E-glass fiber and epoxy resin, depends on different requirements, carbon fiber and vinyl ester resin also be available.
1.Use unique fiberglass -oriented method, it has excellent high strength, high durable and high corrosion-resist.
2.It’s surface without magnetism, no impurities be attached.
3.Light weight, it’s only 1/4 of carbon steel.
4.It can works well under the condition with different temperature.
5.The resin content of outer surface is higher (>95%), it has excellent corrosion resist property.
6.It’s has good electrical insulation and heat insulation.

FRP fasteners like FRP bolts, FRP studs, FRP nuts, FRP threaded rods, FRP bolts, etc. are being used for joining of Channels, Flats, etc. In chemical plants, fertilizer plants, off shore project, cooling towers, FRP fasteners are being used in joints instead of metallic or PVC fasteners. They are used wherein metallic fasteners are prohibited. These products are available in different dimensions as per the needs and specifications of different clients in various industries.

Standard sizes available :

Stud: M 6,8,10,12,16,20,24,25 mm

Nut: M 6,8,10,12,16,20 mm

Threaded Rod: M 6,8,10,12,16,20,25 mm

Also the above can be customized.


Epoxy laminated glass-fiber specification

 Heat Resistance B Standard Q/DJ10-731-2000
Density ≥1.65g/cm3
Hydroscopicity < 0.60 MPA

Volume Resistively

Under normal ≥1.0×1010  Ω.cm
After immersion 24h ≥1.0×108Ω.cm

Insulation Resistance

Under normal ≥1.0×1010Ω
After immersion 24h ≥1.0×107Ω

Proof Voltage at perpendicular to lamination

(transformer oil at 90±

degree  for 5 min)









Heat stability (150 degree ,/24 H ) No crack or plump up


High tensile epoxy resin composite fiberglass / FRP hex nuts frp bolts  Application

Fiberglass / FRP/ GRP bolts and nuts using high-strength fiberglass impregnated epoxy resin matrix at high temperature pultrusion. After CNC process, grinding, special surface treatment made of insulated bolts and nuts.
Bolts and nuts have a special treatment by the surface, so that the bolts and nuts have good flexibility, excellent wear resistance, excellent resistance to voltage performance. Products applicable to transformers, reactors, special high-voltage converter valve, and other special high-voltage electrical appliances.


High tensile epoxy resin composite fiberglass / FRP hex nuts frp bolts

 Very low temperature condition refrigeration equipments, liquid gas equipment
Electrical insulation condition Transformer, electrical panels, signal device etc
Corrosion resist condition Absorption tower, chemical pipe, water treatment equipment, desulfurization tower etc
Non-magnetic condition Computer parts, robot parts, fuel battery etc
Light weight condition Auto parts, aerospace parts, ship parts etc


Technical parameter:
No. Technical specification Unit Specification value
1 Density(at 20℃±2℃) g/cm3 ≥2.2
2 Water absorption rate (at 20℃±2℃,24h) % ≤0.05
3 Tensile strength Mpa ≥1200
4 Bending strength Mpa ≥960
5 Dye penetrated test Min ≥15
6 Water diffusion test
(1%NaCl,Boiling for 100h 12kv/1min)
mA ≤0.1
7 Shearing strength along laminas Mpa ≥50
8 Volume resistivity  (140℃,96h) Ω.M ≥1010
9 DC withstand voltage (10mm) Kv ≥50
10 Lighting surge withstand voltage (100kv,10mm) Times ≥5
11 Bending strength at heating conditions Mpa/150℃ ≥350
12 Torsion strength Mpa ≥800


Our product is made of fiberglass and epoxy resin mixed continuous pultrusion, which makes the product resistance to mechanical stress and mechanical tension are very good, the tensile strength of 1500MPa, far more than 45 steel casting tensile strength 570Mpa indicators. Electrical performance, voltage level for the 10kV – 1000kV voltage range. Corrosion resistance, high bending strength, not easy to bend, easy to use and so on.

Products allow long-term working temperature of 170-210 ℃ , product maximum short-circuit working temperature of 260 ℃ (time is less than 5 seconds).

Products choose Germany release agent, so as to ensure that the surface of the product is very smooth without color difference, no glitches, no scratches.

The heat-resistant grade and the insulation grade of the product all reach H grade.

In addition to the above products, we also provide the following products.


  1. Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets

Product Description

EPGC201,EPGC202 board are from electrical alkali-free glass cloth with epoxy resin Baptist,formed by hot pressing,Products with high mechanical properties and electrical performance.

EPGC201 epoxy glass cloth laminate applied to B-class motors.electrical equipment for insulation of structural parts.

EPGC202 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets have flame-retardant requirements applicable to the B-class motors.electrical equipment for insulation of structural parts as other Purposes.


Product Description

EPGC203,EPGC204 plates are from 7628 glass cloth with epoxy resin Baptist,formed by hot pressing.Products with high mechanical properties.

EPGC203 epoxy glass cloth laminate applied to F-class motors,electrical equipment for insulation of structural parts.

EPGC204 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets have flame-retardant requirements applicable to the F-class motors,electrical equipment for insulation of structural parts.


High tensile epoxy resin composite fiberglass / FRP hex nuts frp bolts Technical parameters

No Item Units Indicators
1 Density g/sqcm 1.7-1.9 1.7-1.9 1.8-2.0 1.8-2.0
2 Vertical layer to the bending strength Vertical Mpa 340 340 340 340
Horizontal 250 250 170 170
3 Impact strength (simply supported beam method,notched specimen) KJ/sqm 37 37 34 34
4 Vertical Flammability Grade FV-0 FV-0
5 Adhesive strength N 6500 6500
6 Insulation Resistance Normal Ω
Water after 24h
7 Parallel to the layer high voltage((90℃+2℃ oil)) KV 35 35 5 5
8 Vertical layers to the electrical strength(90℃+2℃ oil) 0.5-1mm MV/m 0 20 20 20
1.1-2mm 18 18 18 18
2.1-3mm 16 16 16 16
  1. Glass fiber winding tube

The series of products with high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and resistance Tide, and after soaking the stability of dielectric properties, and has good mechanical process-ability, Applicable In motors, electrical equipment for insulation of structural parts, and in the humid environment and change Voltage used in the oil. Insulation Level for B-grade heat-resistant(130℃).

Technical parameters

No. Item Units Indicators
1 Density g/SQCM 1.7-1.9
2 Flexural strength Normal Mpa 340
280±2℃ 150
3 Martin Heat(vertical) 130
4 Impact strength Layer parallel to the notched specimen KJ/sqm 33
Vertical layers to the notched specimen 150
5 Vertical layers to the electrical strength (90℃+2℃ oil) MV/m 18
6 Insulation Resistance Normal Ω
Water after 24h
7 Paralle to the layer high voltage (90℃+2℃ oil) KV 30
8 Frequency dielectric constant 5.5
9 Frequency dielectric loss factor 0.04
10 Absorbent % 0.05
  1. Composite insulating bolt

Using glass fiber impregnated in epoxy resin matrix pultrusion and after high temperature,Using the full NC vacuum release pultrusion technology production line,the line reached the leading domestic level,with online speed tracker,temperature control system,improves the insulating rod uniformity and heat resistance than steel.glass and unsaturated resin rod production equipment has better stability,control,Products applicable to the electrolytic tank in electrolytic aluminum plant short crossing as insulating bolt.

Technical parameters

No. Item Units Indicators
1 Density g/sqcm 2.1
2 Tensile strength Mpa 1200
3 Siphon test Min 15
4 Water diffusion test MA 0.5
5 Stress corrosion resistance h 96
6 Bending strength Mpa 230
7 Volume resistivity Ω.m 10
8 Fiber content % 80
9 Power frequency voltage KV 50
10 Full wave impulse voltage KV 100
11 Water absorption rate % 0.05
12 Flame retardant V0


 Polymer Composite insulated rod

Glass fiber yam in the high-temperature epoxy matrix impregnated pultrusion formed at high temperature,This product has:high pressure,corrosion,deformation is not hierarchical,long life and stable mechanical properties,excellent insulation properties and so on.Products particularly tensile strength,outstanding tensile strength to 1360Mpa or more,The product is the ideal common alternative to epoxy board.

Using glass fiber impregnated in epoxy resin matrix pultrusion and after high temperature,The product has:light weight,machinery stable performance,excellent insulation performance,can override the 10KV-1000KV voltage range,Tensile properties of products is highlighted particularly,the tensile strength is 1360Mpa or above,significantly more than 45casting steel tensile strength 570Mpa index.Composite insulator composite dielectric properties provides reliable basis,The company production of the mandrel are:General mandrel,high temperature,acid,high temperature resistant mandrel mandrel acid-resistant core bar of four major series of products.

Technical parameters

No. Item Units Common type Acid resistant
1 Density(20℃±2℃) g/sqcm 2.1 2.1
2 Water absorption rate(23℃±1℃,24h) % 0.05 0.05
3 Tensile strength Mpa 1200 1200
4 Siphon test Min 15 15
5 Water diffusion test MA 0.5
6 Volume resistivity(140℃.96h) Ω.m
7 Stress corrosion resistance h 96
8 DC breakdown voltage KV 50 50
9 Lightning impulse voltage(100KV) Times 5 5
10 Hot bending failure load test(143℃+1℃) % 230 230
11 Flame retardant V0 V0


  1. Ultra high voltage insulation pull rod

Products of glass fiber impregnated in the PMR polyimide resin matrix with high temperature resistance,drawing and.Thermosetting polyimide resin has excellent heat resistance,mechanical properties.dimensional stability,high temperature resistant resin is representative of the.Product temperature levels can reach above C.Products applied to the high temperature metallurgical equipment,special high-voltage electrical equipment,aerospace and military use special equipment

Instruction:Dipped and stove to prep reg by electronic grade glass fiber cloth,epoxy,pyruvate,dicyandiamide.DMF and a small amount of chemical materials.


1.Glossy and smooth service.uniform thickness and without other impurities,

2.The specification and colors can be produced according to customers’ requirement.

3.Time of g elation and percent of gel can controlled according to customers’ requirement,


Thickness,7628/190g~20g  1506/150g~160g 2116/110g~130g

Color:pale green,pale yellow,anti-static and black.

Usage,Used to PCB CCL and various of isolation plates.

The company has processing center and advanced equipment.according to customer’s pictures,drawings of samples of the design,production,processing services,for customers to find the best solution for the application of ,Products are mainly used in large motor,switch cabinets,electrical control cabinet, inverters,transformers and other fields.

Two benzene ether laminate,Have excellent mechanical properties,electrical properties and chemical corrosion resistance and radiation resistance,Applicable to H machinery,parts for electrical insulation in the results.

Melamine board.With high mechanical properties,electrical properties,and excellent flame retardancy and arc resistance,Suitable for electrical equipment for arc resistant insulation structural parts

Phenolic cotton cloth laminated rod:Has a certain mechanical,electrical properties,but in the use of transformer oil.used in electrical appliance insulation structural parts.

Laminate standard thickness:0.3mm-80mm

Laminate standard standard diameter:6mm-200mm

Remarks:Customer’s special requirement on specifications could be negotiated by buyer and seller case by case

Glass Cloth Laminates Type:3240 series 3240,3240-1,3240-3,EPGC series EPGC 201,EPGC202,EPGC203,EPGC204,EPGC205,EPGC306,EPGC307,EPGC308;FR-4,FR-5,G-11,etc

Characteristics&Applications:With high mechanical strength,electrical properties and ,good moisture resistance properties,widely range of applications,for example:suitable  for using as insulation structural parts in electric equipment,such as electric generators,motors,etc.

Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminates Type:3025,3026,3027,3028;PFCC series PFCC201,PFCC202,PFCC203,FPCC204;C850 series C850.1,C850.2(CE),C850.3,C850.4(LE),etc

Characteristic&Applications:Widely range of applications in mechanical and electrical field,for example:suitable for using as insulation structural parts of machinery and electric equipment.such as electric generators,motors,switch board,e

Phenolic Paper Laminates Type:3020,3021 series 3021,302B,3021C,3021D;PFCP series of PFCP201,PFCP202,PFCP203,PFCP206,PFCP207,PFCP308,etc.

Characteristics&Applications:Widely range of applications,for examples,suitable for using as insulation structural parts of machinery and electric equipment,such as electric generators,motors,switch board,etc.

Molded Rod Type:phenolic cotton cloth rod 3721,3722,3723,3724,3725;epoxy glass cloth 3840,3841,etc.

Characteristics&Applications:Used in mechanical and electrical.


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    Yes, OEM and ODM order are welcome.
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    L/C at sight, T/T, Western Union, etc.

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suitable packing for export. PP bag, Carton box, Pallet/ Or according customer requirement.
1.Inside packing: a plastic bag or woven belt
2.Outside packing: carton box and pallet.
3.According customer requirement.

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