Diphenyl ether glass cloth laminated tube

  It is created from electrical glass cloth with alkali-free that has been impregnated with diphenyl ether resin under pressure. Heat and rolling. The thermal grade is class H insulation. With excellent mechanical strength and dielectric property after in wet, self-extinguish, radiation-proof. Used for the insulating slots. windings. gaskets. junction boards of the dry-type transformer/mine transformer/motor/electrical equipment which are working at high temperature.

Tubes: Thickness of wall 1.5-200mm Diameter: |µ 6-2000mm

Technical data

No Specification Unit Index

1 Density g/ ?M 2 >= 1.65

2 Flexural strength Mpa >= 200

3 Compressive strength Mpa >= 80

4 Shearing strength Mpa >= 20

Electrical strength perpendicular 1.5mm 14

To lamination, in transformer oil at 2.0mm 16

5 room temperature(5min)/ 2.5mm KV 18

thickness of wall 3.0mm 20

6 Electrical strength parallel to lamination, KV 30

in transformer oil at room temperature(5min)

7 Surface electrical strength after wet at room KV 14

Temperature (1min)KV electrical insulation material